A few days ago I whipped up a pattern for crocheters who are participating in the Pussy Hat Project. Hundreds and thousands of Pussy Hat Project hats are being lovingly created across the country, each more unique than the last.

After making a handful of these crocheted hats and tinkering around with the pattern I wrote, my muse struck me with an electric idea this morning which would help these hats make a real statement during the Women’s March on Washington — adding “Nasty Woman” for us ladies who stand up for our rights, bodies, and fight for our equality.


Regular Adult

What You’ll Need

  • 5.5mm Crochet Hook (AKA Size I/9)
  • A large needle (make sure your yarn will fit through the eye)
  • Worsted Weight Pink Yarn
  • Worsted Weight White Yarn

Hat Body

Ch 37

1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each of the remaining chains. Ch 3 and turn. (35 dc) {Piece should measure 10” wide. Adjust number of starting chains if width is greater/less than 10” wide.}

2 – 14: Begin the Nasty Woman chart using a tapestry crochet method and 2 colors. The white squares = dominate hat color, and the pink squares = lettering color. Each square equals one single crochet. This chart spans the full hat width (35 stitches) and is 13 sc rows tall.

Note: This chart works for those making knitted hats, too!


15: Dc in each sc across. Ch 3 and turn. (35 dc) {Note: turning ch 3 = dc here and throughout remainder of pattern}

16 – 28: Repeat row 15. {Piece should measure 12” tall. Add/remove dc rows if height is greater/less than 12” tall.}

Fasten off. Fold hat in half horizontally and sew sides together. Begin ribbing.


Attach yarn into any dc from last round. Ribbing rows are worked vertically.

Ch 9

1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each of the remaining chains. Slip stitch into dc next to dc where yarn was fastened on. Sl st again in next dc and turn. (8 sc)

2: In back loops only, sc in each sc across. Ch 1 and turn. (8 sc)

3: In back loops only, sc in each sc across. Sl st in next 2 dc and turn. (8 sc)

4 – 70: Repeat pattern created in rows 2 and 3 until ribbing row has been worked around entire opening of hat. Join 1st row of sc with last row of sc with slip stitches, or sew with needle if preferred.


If you have any questions, be sure to check out the photo guide from the Crocheted Pussy Hat pattern or leave a message on this post.