About Unwind

At Unwind Fiber Co., we have two main goals:

  1. Create and sell quality wares and fibers
  2. Reduce the amount of textile waste that goes into landfills

Our items are comprised of reclaimed fibers sourced from thrifted sweaters. Due to the nature of how we get our fibers, everything we sell is unique in texture, color, and construction.

Each thrifted sweater is carefully selected and then undergoes a stringent cleaning process before being deconstructed. Next, the fibers are either converted into hanks to sell or crocheted into hats, scarves, or other items you’ll find in the store.


About the Creator

Brittany is the one-woman team behind Unwind Fiber Co., although brings with her generations of fiber-art knowledge passed down by her mother and grandmother. She is an artist by nature, and uses fibers as her paint and crochet as her canvas. 

Brittany grew up in scenic Giles County, Virginia and moved to Northern Virginia after graduating from Virginia Tech. She loves the great outdoors, and has recently moved with her new husband to Potomac Falls, Virginia.