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Kitty Tower Makeover

If you have cats or have set foot in a pet store, you’ve seen those beige carpet-covered cat towers with built in scratching posts and toys. Unless you’re ready to fork over a good chunk of money, you’re going to… Continue Reading →

Introducing Hans the Hansburger

My pal Jeff makes the dopest videos and put together this awesome piece on my crocheted creation, Hans the Hansburger. Enjoy! 🍔..one of the many byproducts of seeing this world through creative eyes, I can definitely dig that. * *… Continue Reading →

Famous Crochet: As Seen on TV

Knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists alike ultimately develop something called “yarndar.” As the name suggests, “yarndar” is a special type of radar which activates when a fiber artist is close to a handmade item constructed with yarn. We have become… Continue Reading →

Nasty Woman Hat

A few days ago I whipped up a pattern for crocheters who are participating in the Pussy Hat Project. Hundreds and thousands of Pussy Hat Project hats are being lovingly created across the country, each more unique than the last…. Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Recycle Pesky Yarn Scraps

Unfortunately, yarn doesn’t come in the “this is the absolute perfect yardage for your project” size. Making gauge swatches and measuring yardage are often reliable tools, but sometimes they just don’t cut it. There are some brave souls out there… Continue Reading →

9 Cozy Crochet Patterns to Make Your House a Home

So you’ve moved into a new place and you’ve got the itch to decorate, but not enough zeros in your bank account to fund a shopping spree. Or maybe you’ve got plenty of zeros in savings but you’re just looking… Continue Reading →

The 5 Steps of Yarnbomb Removal Grief

As my friends and acquaintances know, I haven’t been crazy about living in Northern Virginia for the last couple years. I won’t get into the many many reasons behind my distaste, but suffice it to say that 1) I absolutely… Continue Reading →

Autumn Day Chart

This week in northern Virginia, fall finally hit its highly anticipated peak. The foliage reached those elusive shades of crimson, gold, and vermilion seldom seen outside of a scenic photograph or Bob Ross painting. It took only one excessively gusty… Continue Reading →

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