Knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists alike ultimately develop something called “yarndar.” As the name suggests, “yarndar” is a special type of radar which activates when a fiber artist is close to a handmade item constructed with yarn. We have become innately tuned to notice handmade hats, scarves, and sweaters both in the real world (e.g., the grocery store) and in fictional ones (e.g., movies and television) from miles away.

As those of you who have yarndar know, small rushes of joy and excitement take over when in the presence of hand knitted and crocheted items in the wild. I’m not sure when this rush of excitement started manifesting itself, but it’s so refreshing to see complete strangers who are (or know) fiber artists that share your same passion for yarn and creativity.

As I’m not one to sneak photos of complete strangers and their hand-crafted attire in public (hello, creepy!), I started a list of crocheted items which appear in movies and television. I still keep this list going, so stay tuned for a sequel to this blog!



Downton Abbey

This tunic is incredible. Someone write a pattern for it ASAP!



Gilmore Girls

Let’s be real… Fiber art in Gilmore Girls could be its on post. Stay tuned for more.

Good Girls Revolt

This show also has SO MANY excellent fiber moments.

It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Parks and Recreation

This blanket brings back so many good memories. Time to rewatch!

The OA

I’m not sure what this is (A blanket? A scarf? A beauty pageant sash?) but I like it.


Gotta love this bright blanket on the back of their couch!




In Movies

Big Eyes